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Freedom on the Net 2017

From Morning Consult: The Slippery Slope Gets More Slippery, Internet Freedoms Continue to Decline Worldwide

Golden Frog President Sunday Yokubaitis discusses the topic of Internet Freedom and the worldwide escalation in Internet censorship in this op-ed from the Morning Consult.  According to the highly anticipated study recently released by international watchdog organization Freedom House, internet freedom is declining around the globe for the seventh…

UpTown Radio

From UpTown Radio: Internet Service Providers Are Buying Your Data, and Scammers Are Pretending to Protect It

Golden Frog’s president Sunday Yokubaitis was interviewed on UpTown Radio in response to the recent vote that ISPs can continue to sell and share consumer data without permission. In this interview, he talks about the recent news, the VPN market and how VPNs…

From The Hill: FCC Selections Matter for Keeping the Open Internet

Golden Frog Co-Founder Ron Yokubaitis explores the topic of the Open Internet and the FCC selections under the new presidential cabinet in this op-ed. “Elections have consequences, and the spoils go to the victor. As President-elect Trump’s transition team prepares to replace President…

Built In Austin

From Built in Austin: Protect Yourself: Tips from 4 Austin Web Warriors on Avoiding Cyber Attacks

Golden Frog’s VP of Sales and Director of Marketing Liz Kintzele was recently interviewed for a Built In Austin article about cyber security. Liz’s responses are below, and you can read the full article here. What does Golden Frog protect against, and from whom?…

VPN mentor logo.

From VPN Mentor: Providing People with Privacy, Security & Access to a Free and Open Internet

This interview was originally published on – view the full article. Golden Frog’s VP of Sales and Director of Marketing spoke to VPN Mentor about VyprVPN and the VPN industry in general. An except from the interview is included below. Who would typically…

Globe and Mail Logo

From The Globe and Mail: Canadian researcher proposes new way to shut down Netflix ‘content tourists’

Golden Frog Co-CTO Philip Molter was interviewed for an article in The Globe and Mail regarding the recent attempt by Netflix to block VPNs and proxies. Here’s an excerpt: “There is a very large market of legitimate use of [VPNs]. We’ve always focused…

From Ars Technica: VPN providers mad about Netflix crackdown but say they can evade it

Golden Frog’s president Sunday Yokubaitis was mentioned in an Ars Technica article about Netflix’s announcement that they will be cracking down on users that use proxies, unblockers and VPNs. “VyprVPN maker Golden Frog wrote a blog post protesting Netflix’s announcement, arguing that many…

Built In Austin

From Built In Austin: Hackers, trackers and risk: 3 experts weigh in on security for your startup

Golden Frog’s Co-CTO Phil Molter was recently interviewed for a Built In Austin article about security for startups. Phil’s responses are below, and you can read the full article here. This article originally appeared on, and was written by By Colin Morris….

BGR Logo

From BGR: Certain ISPs Apparently Block Encryption

Studying the service provided by an a wireless broadband provider, Golden Frog has discovered that said provider was able to interfere with the ability of users to encrypting their emails or other forms of communication. Read the full article: Certain ISPs Apparently Block…

From Engadget: Dear Veronica: Breaching the ‘Great Firewall’ of China

VyprVPN was featured on Dear Veronia today! You can see more videos by Veronica Belmont on her website,, and connect with her on twitter at @Veronica.